We empower the populace to be financially independent through the power of investing.
you donate according to package selected when signing up and make 100% profit within 4 days or less. It sounds like magic, this is how it works. After making your donation, the system will automatically pair u with 2 people to pay you same amount donated each. Now imagine how mind blowing it is when you're making 100% of your donation within 4 days. With this you can achieve your financial dreams.


Register with your details as outlined in the registrations section and choose a plan.
Donor must make payment within 5hours of matching or be blocked and receiver will be rematched.
Click on payment made button.
Recipients must confirm payments after receiving cash or get blocked from the system. Get 100% reward for your donation in a short time.

After a complete cycle, participants have maximum of 48hours to re-donate or have their accounts blocked.
Cyber beggers must be reported and blocked. It's disgraceful to cyber-beg.
Press " I can't pay" button if you can't pay. All donations are made directly to member bank account.


CRYSTAL PAY is an online money trade and commercial social network, a worldwide stage to associate individual's with access to web and good banking service to get 100% of whatever fund the individual donates. In order to do that, we created a set of packages that will suit your member's needs and results at all times! The five packages we created are designed to be accessed and selected to the member's convenience and capability.


Don't use the platform if you do not have a quick means of transfer or available resources to make payment.
Ensure you provide the legitimate payment details as soon as payment has been made to the benefactor.
The maximum funding you can make at a time is one. Note: you can keep funding, in as much as the benefactor has confirmed the previous payment.
Ensure that you submit the details of your transaction before you run out of time, otherwise, you will be block even if you make a payment after.
We highly discourage multiple accounts, if detected you might lose your account.
Never, under any circumstances verify transaction you have not received in your bank account. Even though you are under time constraint to confirm a transaction, always ensure the money is in your account first.
Once you receive the fund, come back to the platform immediately and verify the transaction. Failure to do so will warrant sanctions.
If you don't receive funds after a funder picks you, lodge a complaint, after 30mins the client service representative will reschedule you for next benefactors list, the funder will also be blocked permanently.
You get back 100% interest on your fund as the profit within 6hrs to 4 days